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The Roots of Gambling Addiction

Gambling is one of the greatest pleasures in life. Aside from the challenge of winning fabulous amounts of money, there is always the thrill and emotional high from beating your opponents to submission.

For most people, gambling is just a pastime, played during their free time as a form of leisure and relaxation. For some, it is an obsession. Some gamblers are so obsessed with their game that they feel emotionally down and upset if they can't get their regular gambling fix. They crave the pleasure of gambling and winning.

Gambling addiction usually starts as a simple pleasurable experience. As the gambler begins winning, he feels that he will get rich as long as he continues to play and gamble. So even if he loses some money, he doesn't get discouraged easily. Losing will only motivate him to continue gambling with more intensity, believing that the big payday is forthcoming.

Once a person is hooked to gambling, he will stay hooked for the rest of his life, unless something drastic is done to cut him off his habit. He needs professional help and advice to stop the gambling addiction. Counseling and group therapy are proven to help the problematic gambler quit his habit.

How will you know if you are already addicted or are starting to get addicted to gambling? If you always think of your memorable experiences in gambling and you are itching to visit the casino, then you are becoming addicted to gambling. If you are always borrowing money or if you spent the money meant for the family just to finance your gambling activities, then you are already addicted to gambling.

If you think you are addicted to gambling, then you must seek professional help immediately. Severe gambling addiction that is left uncontrolled has the ability to destroy not only a gambler's life, but also that of his family and loved ones.

How can you avoid becoming addicted to gambling? The best way is to set limits to your time and expenses every time you gamble. It's easier said than done because it's easy to get carried away when you gamble. But it's the only proven way to prevent yourself from becoming addicted.

If you are on the midst of a lucky streak and you are tempted to continue playing to win more, then stop and think twice. The most likely consequence will be losses and a further desire to recover the losses. The same goes if you are on a losing streak, since you will gamble more in an attempt to recoup your losses.

Admitting his gambling problem will help the gambling addict quit the habit. If the gambler refuses to acknowledge that he is addicted to gambling, nothing can make him stop the addiction.

Gambling is not all bad. What is bad is if your gambling goes out of hand and proceeds to make your life miserable. Just play and gamble wisely and responsibly, and you will do yourself a great favor.

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